RCHS students attend the 2023 Black College Expo in Los Angeles

Members of RCHS’s BSU attend the Black College Expo at the LA Convection Center

Photo courtesy: @bsu.rchs

Members of RCHS’s BSU attend the Black College Expo at the LA Convection Center

On Saturday, Jan. 28, members of Rancho’s Black Student Union attended the Black College Expo. This event was held at the Los Angeles Convention Center, and many students from all over Southern California were there.

“There were hundreds of people there with there families, schools, etc.,” BSU President Nyla Taylor said. “This event provided information, on-the-spot acceptances, scholarships, encouragement, and more.”

 The students who attended this event enjoyed themselves and were able to see some of there other peers from different schools in southern California.

There were many students there, and many colleges showed up. Their surprise celebrity guest was “Kalan.FrFr.” Kalan.FrFr is a Los Angeles rapper that is well-known throughout Southern California. Many students were excited to see him and enjoyed him coming out.

According to the RCHS BSU Instagram, a few of our RCHS students received grants and scholarships, so many students would say the trip was a success and a good experience. 

Senior Giselle Edwards is one student who received a scholarship. She rejoiced with the opportunity in hopes of receiving more financial aid.

“When I applied for the scholarship, I got it for Howard University,” Edwards said. “I was very excited about the scholarship since it was my first one so far, and I will definitely accept the money in hopes of receiving more financial aid from Howard.”

Many students who were not seniors are looking forward to returning their senior year because they know it’s a perfect chance to get grants or scholarships that will give them more college opportunities.