NHS hosts an induction ceremony that is “Out of this World”

National Honor Society inductees are introduced as new members through the annual induction ceremony

National Honor Society had their annual induction ceremony on Wednesday, Feb. 22 in the RCHS multi-purpose room. The event was set up by the current NHS members while inductees arrived much later with their families for their ceremony.

National Honor Society is a national scholarship program for high achieving students. The program combines scholarship with services to create a program that gives back to the community. 

“Being able to be selected into such a prestigious program is such an honor, and I can’t wait to get started on helping the community,” said junior Akshaya Perrine. “I am very excited to get to be involved in the community through the NHS.” 

The annual induction ceremony is a ceremony that invites new members to the program. It is a way to officially incite the future of the NHS program in a significant way for which the inductees would remember. The theme of this year’s ceremony the event was “Out of this World,” as the inductees are going to reach beyond there current status to help the community 

“Getting to connect with like minded individuals, like people who always put their best foot forward. Not only in school but in all of their affairs and life,” said junior Aya Suleyman.

In the ceremony, the inductees’ names would get called one-by-one as they ascended to the stage. They would then be handed a candle that would be light, signifying then light inside of them. After, the inductees would say a pledge, that would signify their duties. 

“It’s really nice to have it be kind of a formal event where people can bring their families and really understand that this is a big deal that they can be proud of,” said senior Janina Gebnoba, events coordinator for NHS. 

To end the event, inductees and their families enjoyed snacks and desserts, offered by the NHS, then were able to socialize and take pictures to remember the night.