To attend or not attend?

Seniors get ready for a roller coaster filled with obstacles ahead, filled with senior events.

Graphic created by Juestina Schenken via Canva.

Seniors get ready for a roller coaster filled with obstacles ahead, filled with senior events.

As the second semester is coming to the end, the seniors at Rancho Cucamonga High School are anxiously awaiting for all the notable senior events. 

“I’m most looking forward to grad night because I’m excited to see the new super Nintendo World,” senior Samantha Hoffman said. 

Although seniors are excited for the memorable senior events coming up, the main reason for a senior not being able to participate in the senior events is mostly due to the expense aspect.

“I’m hoping that I will go to all of them, but if I don’t go to all of them it’s because it’s too expensive,” senior Precious Ani said. 

Ms. Stacy Ransdell, the school secretary in charge of the activities office, expressed the importance of attending the senior events. Even if the student participates in one event, to commemorate their senior year.

“If you can go to all the senior events, enjoy, live it up, it’s your senior year,” Ransdell said. “High school is gonna be over, and after high school it’s time to start adulting, enjoy this time as much as you can.” 

The RCHS activities office is supporting the seniors with many memorable high school memories. A list of all the important dates is available on the 2023 Senior Bulletin, which is posted on Canvas, the RCHS website, and ParentSquare. The Senior Bulletin includes important dates such as senior excursion, grad night, graduation, and so much more.

“As for me personally, I’m glad that I went to grad night. It’s nice to look back on and it was nice to be with my friends and have a good time,” Ransdell said.

For the class of 2023, this is their last semester to really enjoy the last year of high school. 

“This will be their 13th year of school, and you should enjoy this last year and really pat yourself on the back for a job well done and just have a good time,” Ransdell said.

Senior year can be already stressful enough with worrying about which college to go to and if you will get accepted. The senior activities purpose is to designate a time for seniors to take a moment to actually have fun for a bit rather than stressing about essay deadlines.

“These are memories that will be life long,” Ani said.