ASB introduces Rancho to Candyland!

Kindness Week is right around the corner. It will be starting on Monday, Feb. 27 and will have a Candyland theme.

Although there won’t be spirit days for Kindness Week, there will be class booths for students to participate in during both lunches at the main quad: seniors are having a lemonade stand, juniors will be creating snowflakes, sophomores are making candy necklaces, and freshmen are decorating flower pots.

“I really like the message that it comes across because it’s really promoting kindness,” said ASB member and senior Natalie Esquibel. “It just creates an overall unity on campus that I really like seeing.”

ASB has been working on this event since mid February, which includes painting posters according to the theme, creating booths for students to participate in, and designing the Kindness Week shirts.

“We should participate in Kindness Week because many people have worked very hard to put it on and to promote good things at Rancho!” said senior Liam Smalley. “My favorite part about last Kindness Week were the graphics on the shirts and posters they worked hard on.”

ASB will begin selling Kindness Week shirts on Monday, Feb. 27, 2023. Students can purchase shirts for $10 in the main quad during both lunches.

“It makes a random week fun because it’s not after something or for something it’s just Kindness week,” said Esquibel.

Rancho ASB encourages students to participate in Kindness Week. 

“It’s about having a good time, especially after being under a lot of stress,” said senior and ASB member Savannah Mayle. “It’s good to unwind, have a great time and have fun!”