Where did Valentine´s Day come from?

Multicolored Hearts for Valentines Day

Graphic designed by Sierra Hall via Canva

Multicolored Hearts for Valentines Day

Every year on Feb. 14, people around the U.S. and other parts of the world celebrate one of the more romantic holidays: Valentine’s Day. Every holiday has originated from some event or time in the past, but people don’t often talk about where Valentine’s Day came from, the idea, or the name. 

There is one consistent legend that has been told all throughout the years that can help people get an understanding of where this memorable holiday came from. Although Valentine’s Day is a cheerful and happy holiday, the legend isn’t exactly the same. 

There is a well-known legend that the famous priest Valentine sent the first “valentine” to his jailer’s daughter who visited him during his imprisonment. According to the legend, the letter said, “From your Valentine.” 

Statistics show that billions of cards are sent for this holiday each year. The most famous tradition to do on this holiday is to give cards of gratitude, appreciation, and love to someone you love and Valentine started this. 

People have claimed that the Christian Church put St. Valentine’s feast day to be held in the middle of February to Christianize the celebration of Lupercalia. Lupercalia was celebrated on February 15, but we celebrate Valentine’s Day on February 14.

Senior Keh´tila Turner shared her thoughts about how she thinks the holiday started. She said she believes that Valentines Day came from a couple showing their love to each other and when people saw what they were doing they decided to make the day official.

“I think it came from a couple who was just showing their love for each other. When others saw it they wanted to do the same and decided to make it a holiday,” Turner said.

Turner also stated what she does to celebrate the holiday mentioning getting food or going to the movies, which is what most couples do on the special day.

“I watch movies with my boyfriend or go to the movies and get food. Also, he usually buys me gifts,” Turner said.

There are nearly 250 million roses grown in preparation to this holiday so there’s plenty to go around. As February is approaching make sure you look out for Valentine’s day and give something or give something to your loved ones and show appreciation.