How it’s affecting Pakistanis in America

October 31, 2022

RCHS is home to a wide variety of ethnic groups, many of whom are Pakistani. Many Pakistani students feel helpless and wish there was something that they could do for them to help the people of Pakistan.

“It’s hard to sit with not being able to do anything from the states. But it just helps reinforce the emphasis of doing everything we can, like donating to organizations,” junior Wahab Ahmed said.

Ahmed, like many RCHS students, is Pakistani and currently has family in Karachi.

Floodwater completely submerges the street of a family friend in Pakistan. (Photo provided to The Cat’s Eye by Saeeda Quershi)

“It doesn’t sit right with me,” Ahmed said. “I get all of these pictures and videos on WhatsApp from my family over there [Pakistan], and I really feel [bad] for them. Like I said, it’s hard knowing people that are actively going through it and not being able to do anything. I’d encourage everyone to do something, no matter how small, because even a little help is still helping.”

Another Pakistani student voiced her concerns. Junior Hiba Asim and member of RCHS UNICEF, said, “This makes me think about world problems very deeply, especially since it’s my own country. Many people here don’t know about Pakistan right now, and it’s hard to think about all the people there who are going through this hardship.”

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