RCHS Dance to perform at Chaffey College

Varsity Dance performs their showcase “Conceited” at the Homecoming Rally.

Photo by: Kassidy Brown

Varsity Dance performs their showcase “Conceited” at the Homecoming Rally.

RCHS Dance teams will be performing at Chaffey College on Saturday, Oct. 22 during the Chaffey College half-time football game against Palomar College. 

Out of all the other school’s dance teams that could have been selected, Chaffey selected RCHS. The dance groups participating in the show will be Dance Three, JV, and Varsity Dance. 

According to Ms. Larina Vessup, the RCHS dance coach, Chaffey College chose RCHS because they previously saw their outstanding performances and admired their skills. So, they invited RCHS Dance to perform in front of a larger audience.

“We have performed in front of a bigger audience before this, but we all are still excited and a little nervous,” senior Cassidy Brown, commissioner of the Varsity dance team, said. 

RCHS’s dance team works practice multiple times a week to prepare for opportunities like this because they want to get out there and show their talent. 

“Last year, our team came in second place, which was big for us because we compete against dance companies, not school dance teams,” Ms. Vessup said. 

According to Vessup, everyone is welcome to come and watch the performance. The game starts at 6 p.m., and admission is free.