“Clue” debuts on stage


Photo by: Taylor Birdwell

The Dagger cast performs “Clue” RCHS students, friends, and families.

The Rancho Cucamonga High School theater department debuted its fall production, “Clue,” on Thursday, Oct. 6 in the auditorium at 7 p.m. The audience was filled with friends and families buzzing to see their loved ones from the Revolver cast take the stage.

“I was kinda nervous,” said junior Arial Lynch, who played Ms. White in the Dagger Cast.

The Dagger cast rummage through their bags in search of possible murder weapons. (Photo by: Taylor Birdwell)

The reactions of the crowd portrayed the production’s humor, horror, and overall hard work that was put into the show. At the end of opening night, the cast and crew were greeted on stage by a standing ovation.

On the opening night, the Revolver cast of “Clue” was seated at the front of the audience to cheer for their friends. They cheered louder than everyone in the audience once the curtains closed. Traditionally, the RCHS Drama Program has two casts for each of its performances. For “Clue” the two casts were the Dagger Cast and the Revolver Cast.

“There was one section where you could tell it was just my friends,” senior Abigail Romero said.

RCHS Principal Mr. Joshua Kirk attended the show on its opening night.

“The kids and Mr. Loudermilk did a phenomenal job, tech crew did a great job, it was a great night,” said Mr. Kirk.

The play was about the game and movie adaptation, “Clue.” The production was a thrilling murder mystery that kept the audience on their toes at all times. The audience was presented with a butler, a maid, a cook, and six suspects who all got invited to Body Manor for a dinner party.

The maid (played by senior Pamela Tojin) lies dead in the center of the stage. (Photo by: Taylor Birdwell)

Once they’ve all arrived, it is discovered that they were all being blackmailed by Mr. Body himself. He provided each of the guests with a gift, which was a lethal weapon. Mr. Body instructed them to kill the only other person who knows their secrets, his butler. Then, the lights went out and the first body was discovered.

“It went so well. We had such an amazing crowd, the energy was crazy, and the actors did ten times what they normally did,” Mr. James Loudermilk, the RCHS drama teacher, said. “I could really feel the energy from the crowd.”

He was happy to speak about how proud he was of his students, and he could not be more excited for the next production.

Rancho Cucamonga High School students greeted their friends on the cast and crew after the show.

The next drama performance will be in the spring semester, and the RCHS drama department will be performing “Little Shop of Horrors.”