The RCHS Podcast Club

Lucas Pulido and Farida Abdullatif preparing to record a episode for the Podcast Club

Photo Credit: Gabriel Perez

Lucas Pulido and Farida Abdullatif preparing to record a episode for the Podcast Club

With the beginning of a new school year at Rancho Cucamonga High School, it means the new clubs are forming on campus. One of these new clubs is the Podcast Club, created by sophomore Bobby Erickson. 

Having had previous experience in “Wildcat TV” at Etiwanda Intermediate School, Erickson created a podcast that eventually evolved into the Podcast Club. 

“It didn’t start as a podcast club at first,” said Erickson. “We decided as a group, hey let’s make this into a club so that other people can experience this too.” 

According to Erickson, the main purpose of the club is to create a positive experience and make peoples’ days better. 

“Creating this so that it’s a positive experience for people inside of it and even outside of it,” said Erickson. “They may be having a bad day and maybe they’ll be able to listen to these podcasts and have a better day.”

According to Erickson, the podcast covers topics that mostly revolve around teenagers and the things that teenagers experience on a day-to-day basis. 

Within the production side of the club, there are three different committees. They include the Tech committee, Production committee, and the Social committee. 

“Each committee has their own thing” said Abdullatif, “Production usually tends to be on set… the tech committee, they pretty much just make sure all technology is working”. And the Social committee takes care of social media posts and promotion. 

Meetings for those who would like to be interviewed take place on Fridays after school in room E205. You can also sign up for their interviewee remind @viewrchs. 

The Podcast Club hosts their meetings on Mondays after school at room B103. 

The first episode of the Podcast Club releases on Oct. 3. For more information, follow their instagram @rchspodcast.