RCHS wins homecoming varsity football game

The Cougars face off against the Vista Murrieta Broncos

Gabriel Perez

The Cougars face off against the Vista Murrieta Broncos

The Rancho Cucamonga Cougars defeated the Vista Murrieta 39-21 on Friday, Sept. 23 to clench a win for the homecoming game. 

The Cougars were able to maintain a lead throughout the majority of the game. The Cougar defense held the Broncos back, and the Broncos were only able to make three touchdowns in the final quarter of the game due to the intense defense given by the Cougars.

The Cougars were able to score their first touchdown along with the remaining four with the assist of freshman Quarterback Jacob Chambers. Chambers used his strong arm to his advantage and that was evident with his throwing passes. Rancho linemen scrambled in a multitude of directions, making multiple-yard progressions per play.

Chambers said that it felt good to be able to play on the varsity team. Chambers has been playing football since he was six years old and played in middle school. He explained how he has been “training having quarterback coaches and they just helped me get better.” 

The Broncos were able to score their first touchdown in the last quarter of the game. The Broncos managed to get off another touchdown after causing RCHS’s defense to fumble, scoring them six points.

“We watched a lot of film, we went over our place and our assignments,” said senior tackle Nico Guerra. “We’re ready to go.”

Coach Brian Hildebrand said that Vista Murrieta has been “one of the best programs in the Inland Empire for the past 20 years.” 

Senior varsity right guard Keimazea Ross said that the team “knew all week” that they were going to win the game.

Rancho Cougars celebrate a 39-21 victory over the Vista Murrieta Broncos. (Bailee Small)