Armed robbery at Victoria Gardens

Police scrutinize Victoria Gardens Robbery

Photo from Canva

Police scrutinize Victoria Gardens Robbery

According to the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department, two male suspects robbed two mall customers at gunpoint and fired shots before leaving the scene in the early evening hours of September 5. Mall employee and RCHS senior Iman King was present during it all.

“My manager was walking around back and forth and talking on her walkie talkie,” said King. “On the intercom, she said that there was a disturbance in the mall.”

King said she believes that there’s no way this situation could have been prevented. “People have their own mind,” King said. “There’s no way anyone could have stopped this from happening.”

King described the scene when the incident occured. “The majority of people shopping were families,” said King. “Kids were running around screaming, some people were still shopping.” 

The two suspects were identified by the Sheriff’s Department as a 16-year-old juvenile and 18-year-old Efran Tui. 

Nobody was injured during the shooting and the suspects were later apprehended by authorities.