New beginnings for the Artbox Club


Photo credit: Ty Waymire

The Artbox Club is currently painting a mural outside of the library. This mural displays scenes from different fictional stories in the shape of an open book

The Artbox Club is a new club on campus that focuses on creating a safe space for all RCHS students to collaborate and explore their creative side. The club held its first meeting in room H202 on Thursday, Sep. 1. 

“The first club meeting was amazing, over fifty people showed up,” said senior Angela Johnson. This is no surprise as this club has sparked interest in many of the creative minds at RCHS.

Around the RCHS campus, there are beautiful murals from past art clubs, formally run by Ms. Diane Gutierrez, displayed throughout the halls of the H, G and T buildings.

Although the Artbox club is no longer responsible for painting murals on campus, they still plan to finish the mural near the entrance to the library created by last year’s club. 

The Artbox Club experienced significant changes this school year, including new leadership. Seniors Tiffany Benitez and Johnson are the new presidents this year. 

“This year since we have more control, we want to make it seem a lot more easy going,” said Johnson. 

Johnson added that because they no longer have the responsibilities of the murals, they want to change the environment to a, “fun after school class where students can express themselves.”

Benitez also mentioned that they want to focus on altering the club, “into something more active. Something where people are willing to join.”

For returners and newcomers alike, this club is a great opportunity to express themselves creatively in a safe and friendly environment. 

One newcomer, senior Paeng Martinez, said [he] is especially excited for all the events Artbox participates in.

“Besides the mural, making posters, helping people with art skills and fun projects,” said Martinez. 

The club plans to extend their creativity beyond the RCHS campus by participating in artistic events in the community. 

Artbox Club meetings are held every Tuesday and Thursday after school until 4:30 for any interested in joining.