Senior Gradecheck: Are you bound for college?

RCHS seniors wait in the counselors office waiting area for senior grade checks.

Photo Credit: Luciana Martin

RCHS seniors wait in the counselors office waiting area for senior grade checks.

As the October 7 grade cut-off approaches, some of the seniors of Rancho Cucamonga High School get anxious as the prospect of college nears. In September, counselors spoke to their graduating students for the 2022-2023 school year to ask them what they have planned after graduation and to quickly assess their credits.

“When students know where they are with credits and their GPA’s, it helps them apply to the right colleges,” said RCHS guidance counselor Ms. Concetta Aguilera. “For example, if they have a 3.0 they have many more opportunities and places to apply to. If they’re short on credits they need to come up with some sort of plan on how to gain those credits so they can graduate which of course can impact what colleges they apply to.” 

Aguilera encourages many of her students to look for posters that cite the A-G requirements to help them figure out what classes they need.

  “One way students can check their A-G requirements without directly going to their teacher or counselor, but we all have these posters around campus that picture all the A-G requirements. We also have a UC’s doorway website where students can go on and enter the name of their Highschool and see what’s needed to graduate,” Aguilera said.

Aguilera stated that most of the requirements can be found on the University of California A-G Course List website. This website provides information about what’s needed for your A-G requirements and how you can gain those credits to get into a UC school.

Many senior students started to feel an overwhelming sense of fear and anxiety overcome them whilst this grade check nears them. Lesley Rodriguez, a senior at RCHS expresses that she felt quite scared and overwhelmed when she went to talk with her counselor last week.

“The counselors give a lot of insightful questions that really make you think about your future. It really puts you in perspective of what’s to come after high school,” Rodriguez said.