Clue: the early stages of production

Cast members of Clue rehearse for their upcoming performance.

Photo by: Sandy Mourice

Cast members of Clue rehearse for their upcoming performance.

Lights. Camera. MURDER!? The cast and crew of Rancho Cucamonga High School’s fall play “Clue” prepare for opening night. Clue is set to have its debut performance starting Thursday, Oct. 6 through Sunday, Oct. 8. There is more in store for these performers.

Mr. James Loudermilk, drama director and teacher, said that leading up to Halloween there will be Clue-themed activities for the students of Rancho Cucamonga High School. Some of the planned activities include a maze and a daily riddle for the students. However, the most prevalent and current activity for these performers and crew is rehearsals. 

The cast stays after school every day, and even sometimes on the weekends, dedicating their time to create an amazing performance. Most of the students are also part of the RCHS drama club. 

It is a common consensus among the group that this show in particular would be the best show of their high school career. 

“I’m not just saying this, though I think this might be the most fun show I’ve done here,” said Liam Flenniken, who plays Professor Plum. However, for the seniors of this production, there is also a bittersweetness to it all.  

Senior Sandy Mourice, stage manager of the production, explains the responsibility she has as an upper-classman in this production. 

“My whole point now is that I need to train the people for the future because I believe the worst thing that can come out of me is not training these people,” said Mourice.  

She goes on to state that she does a lot of extra work to teach the lower-classmen so they know what to do when she is gone.

It is clear that there have been some changes within drama and part of that change is with Director Loudermilk. He has been a drama teacher here on the Rancho campus for two years, and in his short time, he’s made some changes to the program. He says that he keeps his students at a professional level so that when they leave to pursue theatre after high school, they will know what to expect. 

“He is more inclusive and cares about you individually and he cares about the production and your thoughts and your opinions,” said senior Abigail Romero, who plays Scarlett and is the director of the production.

It is evident that it takes a lot of time and energy to create a  great production. Though it is for certain that Clue will include great mystery, campy drama, and lots of bodies!

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