How to change your schedule


Dominick Brown

To make schedule changes, students can visit their counselors in the RCHS administration building.

At the beginning of a new school year, it is common for some students to have issues with their schedules. Whether it be an unplanned class or students simply want to change classes, there are ways to get help and change whatever may be wrong. 

Guidance Counselor Ms. Brigitte Hughes shared advice with The Cat’s Eye staff on how to deal with any struggles students may be having with their schedules.

“Try to have good communications and don’t wait until the last minute. Don’t be afraid to ask,” said Hughes.”

The reason she says not to wait until the last minute is because students have a relatively small time frame where they are able to change their schedules, that small frame of time being the first two weeks of school.

If students have an issue with a class or if they have a hole in their schedule, they should reach out to their counselor. 

“We try not to change lunches or teachers,” said Hughes.

According to the counselors, this means that if a situation occurs in which a student must change classes, the counselors will try to directly avoid changing student lunches and teachers. The only time they’ll change a student’s lunch is if that is the student’s goal when changing around classes.