Band and Colorguard march into a new season


Photo by: Student Achievement Executive

The Marching Cougars take a selfie with the mascot at the football game

The Rancho Cucamonga High School band and color guard, the Marching Cougars have taken several steps in order to prepare for the Fall 2022 marching season. 

The most notable change this year is that the program welcomed a new band director, Mr. James Ana. In the short amount of time he has been employed here at RCHS, he has already noticed a huge difference in, “the scope of involvement in the student body” from his previous endeavors. 

When asked what ideas he might like to implement into the Marching Cougars regiment from Montclair High School, Ana said that he started incorporating small things such as, ”the way I format daily schedules for rehearsals to try to inform the student body leadership of what the expectations are at each rehearsal.” 

With the new year, comes new student leadership in the band program. Some of the most experience and wisdom lies within the new section leaders. 

The new section leaders are Jennifer Gust, Elaina Sanchez, Daphne Silva-Cruz, Jessica Quintero, Natalie Petock, Lionel Getten, Fernando Montes, Eddie Noboa, Nick Solorza, Daniel Rivas, Evan Landeros, Marco Leon, Brooklyn McNealy, Abby Dionisil. 

Many preparations have been made in order for the new section leaders to be the best leaders they can be, including the leadership retreat and a two week band camp. 

“I’m so excited to see the show come together,” said senior clarinet section leader Daphne Silva-Cruz. “I really love getting to see the program grow and I’m excited to see my section grow with it!” 

Silva-Cruz went on to say the position has really given her a deeper perspective on how every single person’s effort is accounted for in the final product. 

The section leader position is a huge responsibility and takes a lot of work and effort to create not only a beautiful sound but lasting connections. 

The RCHS color guard also plays a huge role in creating a beautiful show. The band and colorguard work hand-in-hand to create a pleasing visual experience for the audience and the judges. 

Some of the juniors in the program have had the opportunity to have a leadership position, including Sydney Easterday who is this year’s color guard captain. 

When asked what she was most excited for this season, she said, “I’m definitely excited to see progress in the team. I’m excited for getting to know all the girls better.”

Eaterday said she finds value in team bonding because it is much easier to create something worthwhile and great this way. 

The student body of the Marching Cougars is arguably the most important piece in putting together an enjoyable viewing experience. With an incredible 115 students, it is easily one of the biggest organizations on campus.

It can be quite overwhelming at first especially for an incoming freshman. “It takes a lot of time and energy,”said freshman Rebecca Kim. Kim is definitely not the only one who thinks this. Some weeks band practice can accumulate to 22 hours! 

Continuing their high standard and commitment, the Rancho Cucamonga Marching Cougars continue as a 6A band. There is no doubt that these students are going to have an amazing season.