Students and Staff face internet issues


Fozaan Noor, Juestina Schenken

Students and staff experienced internet difficulties during the recent outages, which caused Canvas and Google to go down.

Students and staff at Rancho Cucamonga High School experienced numerous internet interruptions on Tuesday, Aug. 16. 

Although most classes were experiencing some delays towards the normal classroom routine, some students enjoyed the brief moment of freedom, while others stressed about their upcoming due dates.

“It’s kinda fun–sometimes; it’s less work sometimes it’s more work,” said Junior Amir Al-Rabadi.

While most of the student body that was present on campus was celebrating the unexpected break during their first full week of school, many teachers were in distress from the classroom disruptions.

“It was a bit of a hassle, our teachers tried their best to go around the issues and were very patient,” said senior Jules Ramos.

Some teachers struggled to keep their class continuing, especially for the teachers that use a lot of technology in their lesson plans.

“Lessons are completely gone, no way to access lessons from Canvas,” said career tech ed teacher Chris Van Duin. “I couldn’t even go in and retrieve files. “The hard part is that you don’t know—it might be out for 30 seconds, because it was going in and out, or it might be out for the whole period.”

 Van Duin expresses the struggles of continuing with class regardless of the internet status. However, Van Duin explains that much of their work is posted onto Canvas since they are being requested to do so. 

He describes how the internet issues are, “kind of hard to prepare for…when we’re so tech based. Van Duin said

To help remedy the tech issues and hopefully prevent future issues, the district recently acquired more bandwidth.