The Starcatcher Awards: A spectacular sunset soiree


Photo by James Loudermilk

Drama Club members line up on stage. showing off their awards at the end of the event.

Lights! Camera! Action! 

As the sun set on Friday, Apr. 22, the RCHS auditorium buzzed with excitement. Students clad in outfits from various eras of cinema gathered in the glass-paneled foyer, ecstatic to receive awards in celebration of a year full of Shakespeare, love, and plenty of star-catching. 

The Starcatcher Awards, produced by theater director Mr. James Loudermilk and the Executive Board of Drama at RCHS, was an awards ceremony that honored the talented students of the Drama Club.

“We were able to enjoy that moment as one of our finales to this program,” said Drama Club co-vice president Nathan Camacho. “It was definitely a rewarding experience, to be there and see the spark in everybody’s eyes light up when they receive their awards.”

The event was reminiscent of the Oscars, doused in shimmering prestige and glamor. The theme was “Hollywood Films,” and each grade level was required to dress up according to certain eras of film.

Freshmen showed up draped in the 1920s flapper styles of The Golden Age, sophomores as the Charlie Chaplins of The Silent Film Era, juniors in the age of Modern Cinema, and seniors as the Marty McFlys of the 80s and 90s Blockbuster Films. 

“I dressed up in a flapper dress, heels, and did my hair in a bob with a feather headband,” said freshman Claire Donaldson 

At 6:30 p.m., guests were promptly invited into the auditorium to watch the ceremony and accept their awards.  

Junior and Drama Club treasurer Sandy Mourice said “The event was nerve-wrecking, you have a feeling that you want everything to be perfect and you want people to enjoy what the seniors have created.” 

From the title to the awards, the entire event was inspired by Peter and the Starcatcher, Drama Club’s first production this year. It was a production that symbolized a turning point for RCHS Drama with Loudermilk as the new Theater Director. 

“We named the awards after the first show we did this year with me as the new Theatre Director, Peter and the

Starcatcher, which meant so much to us,” said Loudermilk. “We made so many wonderful memories during the show.”

Mourice won the Molly Aster award, named after the adventurous Molly Aster from Peter and the Starcatcher. Mourice said the award commemorated her dedication and perseverance. “This award is only presented to one person per year and is deemed a very special award,” said Mourice. 

The Starcatcher Awards is a unique event that showcases the passion of students in the Drama Program. Loudermilk said, “We put the awards show together mostly in tech theatre. We worked tirelessly on creating a program, creating props, and designing the stage.”  

“What sets the Starcatcher Awards apart is that this event is an award ceremony to exclusively celebrate the Drama Program and is put on by the Drama Program,” Loudermilk said. “We give the public an insight into

Sandy Mourice delivers her election speech during the Starcatcher Awards. (Photo by Allison Ellenburg)

what it takes to put on productions and the hard work that we put in all year.”

Seniors Jonah and Nathan Camacho said the most memorable moment of The Starcatcher Awards was Jonah Camacho’s epic closing ceremony. Jonah Camacho, along with fellow seniors Brian Donaldson and Montana

Leyva reenacted an iconic scene from Revenge of the Sith, stirring up the crowd. 

“It was a really powerful scene. We even had our friend Brian dress up as Padme [another Star Wars character] and he gave quite the performance. It was definitely one of my favorite moments from the show,” Jonah Camacho said. 

The bittersweet night ended around 8 p.m. with warm camaraderie and an Olive Garden feast. 

As the Drama Club bids farewell to graduating seniors, the program welcomes a new generation of aspiring thespians. Loudermilk said, “I hope that this event inspires current and future students to join the Drama Program at RCHS. I know that the quality of this event reflects the dedication of the students in the program.”

Students in the Drama Club enjoy Olive Garden after the show. (Photo by James Loudermilk)