Prom 2022 fashion

Bryan Garbanda, Ailah Ponla, Sara Martinez, and Leo Gomez in their Prom 2022 attire

Sarah Siddiqui

Bryan Garbanda, Ailah Ponla, Sara Martinez, and Leo Gomez in their Prom 2022 attire

On Saturday, April 30, Rancho Cucamonga High School’s juniors and seniors got dolled up to attend a night of music, dancing, friends, and laughter at Soka University for prom.

Senior Ailah Ponla in her Prom 2022 attire

Senior Ailah Ponla wore an all-black strapless dress. Striving for a classic look Ponla paired her dress with black gloves and a pearl necklace. Ponla was inspired by internetgirl, who was pictured in a black tube dress with gloves. 

“My whole outfit is loosely based on the one shown in ‘“Breakfast at Tiffany’s,’” said Ponla. “I think other students will really be expressing their personal styles at prom. I feel like in past years everything was really similar, like colors and fabrics. I really like seeing how other people will choose their favorite colors or interesting fabrics. I think a big trend for this year will definitely be in menswear. A lot of guys I know are branching out into more interesting suits that aren’t black and white and I think that’s cool!”

Senior Bryan Garbanda wore a sage green suit. Garbanda’s pants were flared and paired with a skinny notch neck jacket with a white button-up. Garbanda tied his outfit together with white Chelsea boots and gold jewelry.

Bryan Garbanda in his Prom 2022 attire

“I decided what I wanted to wear because I wanted to be able to stand out in a crowd of people, and I thought that the best way was picking a color that isn’t typically worn, like sage green, and taking a different approach with the style of pants and jacket,” said Garbanda. Garbanda was inspired by 70s suit fashion; “I’ve always loved the way flared pants look tight around the upper leg and nice and loose towards the bottom. It gives anybody a much stronger and confident look, especially in a suit.” 

Junior Sara Martinez in her Prom 2022 attire


Junior Sara Martinez wore a light blue sparkly dress with a leg slit and accessorized with silver jewelry and silver heels. Martinez thinks sparkles and corset tops will be really popular this prom, as well as velvet suits.

“I went dress shopping with an open mind so that it would be easier to pick out a dress since I didn’t have something set in my head, I’ve been looking on Pinterest for nail and makeup inspo,” said Martinez. 


Junior Leo Gomez wore all black but spiced up the outfit by wearing a black velvet jacket and wore an open dress shirt to show off his necklace. Gomez complimented his outfit with a little shiny black stripe on the side and black shiny shoes. 

Leo Gomez in his Prom 2022 attire

“I decided what I was wearing at the very last minute. Actually I knew I was leaning towards not having a specific color as I didn’t have a specific date and I also knew I wanted velvet incorporated in some way since I did the prom expo in velvet,” said Gomez.

Gomez said his outfit choice for prom was influenced by his peers saying how much velvet looked good on him.