RCHS Golf starts off the season strong


Photo courtesy Ashlei Guender

Senior Joey Sotello strikes the golf ball across the course.

RCHS varsity golf started this year’s spring season with confidence and camaraderie, leading with an impressive record. As of Apr. 21, RCHS golf is currently has accumulated a total of 7 wins, 2 losses, and 0 ties. 

In their most recent home match, taking place on the afternoon of Thursday, Apr. 14, the RCHS golf team defeated Los Osos High School with a score of 184-209. 

Senior Eliana Velasco described the role of her emotions during their league game against Los Osos. “I was honestly pretty nervous, as it was my first match of the season where my score was being counted towards our final score,” Velasco said. “Talking to my other teammate, JT, helped me calm down after being nervous during warmups.” 

However, the golf team’s best win by far was during their non-league game against Alta Loma High School, with a 52-point difference and a final score of 200-252.

“For our season this year, we’ve had a lot of success, did well in our tournaments and we’ve won a pretty good amount of matches already,” said RCHS golf coach Mr. Dale Rogers.

In regards to the match against Damien High School on Apr. 12, a match RCHS lost by two strokes, senior Joseph Sotello said, “I felt very satisfied as I had many things going my way. I was able to contribute a good score for the team while having fun.”  

Sotello also said, “The most challenging part about my last match was that we lost, unfortunately. We played decently as a team but there is always room for improvement. The best part about it, though, was that I shot one of my best scores of the year so far.”

Similarly, freshman Zein Youseff said, “the most challenging part of the previous match was to keep hope and stay focused in the game.” 

Throughout the season, the team has been training tirelessly for league and CIF finals, striving to come out on top. 

“We take each golf match at a time and focus on the kids with whatever they need to improve, making those small adjustments to reach their goals. Obviously, we want to continue being successful until our end goal: to win league,” said Rogers. 

To ensure his best scores, Sotello focuses on techniques that aid in lowering his scores. “My goals for my next match are to improve certain aspects of my game in order to lower my scores. I also want to prepare my teammates better in order to take the win,” said Sotello.

Aside from the glory of winning, Rogers said the most fulfilling part about the sport is the friendship between the teammates. “The best part is for sure the camaraderie of the golf team. There are not very many kids so you get to know each other very well. We’re like a family.” 

The best part is for sure the camaraderie of the golf team. There are not very many kids so you get to know each other very well. We’re like a family.”

— Mr. Rogers