District Dance Day: a spectacular showcase of skill


Photo courtesy: RCHS Dance

Varsity dances takes a group photo after district dance day concludes.

District Dance Day: the culmination of a year’s worth of work and energy for CJUHSD’s dance teams. On Thursday, Feb. 24, dance teams from schools throughout CJUHSD traveled to the RCHS auditorium to showcase their dances to one another. 

Ontario, Montclair, Los Osos, Alta Loma, Chaffey, Colony, and Etiwanda High Schools sent varsity and junior varsity to represent their dance teams.

According to senior varsity dance commissioner Marlee Montogmery, the school that hosts district dance day rotates every year throughout the district, with every school being the host once every eight years. 

Dances are performed in alphabetical order by school, rotating through varsity and junior varsity. A total of 25 dances were performed in total.

Dance 3 accompanied varsity and junior varsity in their opening performance of the year’s staple set, “Party Like A Rockstar.” Junior varsity performed a dance themed after “Squid Game.” Varsity performed their iconic “Cruella” set. A smaller section of the varsity team performed a dance titled “Break the Silence” which represented the brutal realities of human trafficking.

“Getting to support the other teams and see how the teams have improved from the year before is amazing,” said Montgomery.

Each dance that was performed had been rehearsed and perfected since the beginning of the school year.