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Creative Writing Club at Club Rush 2021-2022

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Creative Writing Club at Club Rush 2021-2022

Creative Writing Club (CWC) is all about providing an environment where writers at Rancho Cucamonga High School can practice their art and learn more about the craft. CWC meets every Thursday after school in B101.

The club’s meetings are a combination of individual writing and member participation in creative activities that inspire creativity. The meetings also provide exercises that offer practice and knowledge regarding writing types, like poetry or story writing.

“Our writing exercises are beginner friendly but still cater to experienced writers,” said junior, Creative Writing Club President Pamela Tojin. “As for what the members write, they have complete creative freedom. No writer is forced to write a specific way or a certain thing. Our primary goal in meetings is to provide inspiration and direction to writers, but never limit their creative freedom.” 

Creative Writing Club’s goal this 2021-2022 school year is to expand their amount of club members. 

“Our club’s goals this year are to expand as much as we can through larger scale events and volunteering and to inspire writers to grow and share their writing,” said club vice president and historian, junior Nimrah Khan. Tojin said,, “To hold more club events, such as on campus writing exhibitions, field trips, open mic poetry nights, etc.”

Members can expect the club to always be a safe and welcoming environment. 

“We are strict on our policies so that members’ writings are always treated with respect. We also don’t force members to publish their work or participate if they aren’t comfortable,” said Tojin. “Writing is a way for us to escape to any reality we want, it is a very vulnerable art and I never want any member to feel unsafe amongst their fellow writers.” 

The club is constantly working to provide opportunities for RCHS’ writers. 

“Just recently our vice president Nimrah Khan was able to open a section in The Cat’s Eye for Creative Writing Club submissions, which is open to all members old or new,” said Tojin. “We are also working on potential community service opportunities with different kinds of creative writing workshops open to the public.”

Members of the club can gain memorable memories and experiences. 

“Last October, our club hosted a Fall Writing Exhibition in the clubroom. There we displayed the writing submissions from our meetings that we had done the previous months. Also, a live horror story circle reading and free donuts!” said Tojin. “It was an incredible feeling to see everyone’s pieces decorated around the room. I felt very proud of both the members and my Vice Presidents for being able to host the event. Seeing people come in and walk around our exhibit made all the hard work worth it.”

Creative Writing Club meets every Thursday after school in B101 and has an Instagram, @rchs_creativewritingclub, students can follow for club information. It’s also a direct line to the club’s officers for questions or inquiries. Tojin would like to remind students to not be afraid or be discouraged by your writing level as a beginner, and the best way to get better is to just keep writing what you love.