The Batman serves justice to the comic book franchise

When the criminals of Gotham City are wreaking havoc and a masked man in a black suit appears on the scene, what is served? Justice. The answer is justice. 

The Batman recently released had its Box Office debut, and this reincarnation of the character is a hit! The film features the hero trying to find the villain behind a series of murders that would all be connected to his family and past.

The Batman spoilers ahead…

The story itself was amazing, and it is definitely satisfying to see more of Batman than Bruce Wayne. The plot was structured really well and gave a detective sub genre to the movie. Batman was looking at the clues and riddles left behind by the villain, Riddler, with each clue being another piece to the bigger puzzle. 

The cinematography of The Batman was simply breathtaking with beautiful visuals and camera shots. The best shots of the movie were the visuals of Batman looking over Gotham City in the rain and sunset. Another perfect shot is Batman walking toward a suspect with fire behind him, which really exaggerates the vengeful tone.. 

The soundtrack was done really well and helped create the dark theme throughout the film. Batman’s theme sounded very menacing and is also exciting to hear. When you see criminals run wild in Gotham City and the theme starts playing, you instantly know… it is all over for them!

The character development in The Batman is not something to dismiss quickly. The movie shows all sides of the characters’ lives, including villains, which helps to explain their motives and give the audience an understanding of the character. Batman, Catwoman, and Riddler have all suffered tragic pasts that do explain why they acted the way they did, even if it was wrong at the time. 

The fight scenes were amazing and brutal. The most exciting was the final battle, of course. With the Riddler caught, his henchman still carried out his final plan to break the sea wall and massacre the mayor as well as citizens inside of the stadium shelter. Batman joins the fight mid-battle and Catwoman also joins shortly after. Overall, the fights were choreographed really well and were exciting to see. 

As a whole, The Batman is a very exciting movie and certainly lives up to the legendary comic book character. The portrayal of the characters was amazing and the story along with visuals were stunning. 

The Batman is now playing in theaters.