T.V. Girl’s “French Exit Tour” Concludes


Benjamin Lightfoot

Phones around the audience record and take advantage of the scarlet lights choreographed with track number 7, “The Blonde.”

T.V. Girl tours across the country to perform its indie and groovy tunes to audiences, in celebration of the sixth year anniversary of their album “French Exit.” 

The Los Angeles-based band consists of three musicians performing indie pop/rock music dating from 2010. Brandon Petering, Jason Wyman, and Wyatt Harmon of T.V. Girl have produced three full studio albums and various singles. 

Sold-out shows across the country proved this small band is on its way to new heights

I attended the final date of the show, which took place on Saturday, Dec. 20, 2021 at the Lodge Room in Highland Park, where a set of stairs led to a second story with a stage, deep indigo and red lights illuminating the bar, and emulating the psychedelic ambiance. 

It was exciting to attend the concert, while they were relatively small, because the experience felt more personal as if you were a part of something that was going to take off.

Vaccine cards and proof of identification were required to enter the concert.

The audience was predominantly teenagers dotted with a few adults in the crowd, although I found that the adults present were some of the most cheerful amongst the rest.

The room was small, comforting, offering a closer interaction with the band and intimate experience amongst the audience.

The opening performer, Jordana, who also wrote an EP with T.V. Girl titled “Summer’s Over,” played some solo music as well as a cover of “Sparks” by Coldplay. She also played the entire concert alongside T.V. Girl, lighting up the audience with vocals unmatched. 

Along with the album, they also played some of their most popular songs, as they joked that they were most popularized by Tik Tok. Most primarily known, “Not Allowed” from one of their other albums, “Who Really Cares.”

RCHS senior Marlee Montgomery, who also attended the concert said, “I was super excited to see the band live finally. It was great to be around other people who liked the same songs. I love how a song can mean infinitely different things to different people, yet, we all share a love of music and can be unified while singing along together.”

My personal favorite was the song titled, “Sweet to Dream,” which showcased the amazing vocals of Jordana while the drums, keyboard, and bass added to the chemistry. It was a comforting tune with lyrics that described somewhat of a hopeless romantic.  

The overall performance was a hit, and the band concluded the show with tears of joy.