Teacher Spotlight: Mrs. Freers


Mrs. Lori Freers is a physical education teacher at Rancho. She has been teaching P.E. for a total of thirty-eight years.

“My favorite thing about teaching is when my classes are energized and excited about what we are doing, so they give a great effort and have fun while doing it. Those are the best days!…I love it when they realize they are capable of more than they thought,” said Freers.

She was inspired to become a P.E. teacher because of her love for exercise and outdoor activities. She graduated from Michigan State University with a major in Physical Education.

“I was inspired to become a PE teacher because I love being active and being outdoors,” said Freers.

In addition to teaching sophomore P.E., Freers also teaches adaptive P.E. Adaptive P.E. is a physical education program focusing on developmental activities modified to the capabilities of students with varying disabilities.

Freers said, “I was inspired to teach Adapted PE because I have a real heart for those kiddos and love to see the joy that comes from learning and growing through movement experiences.”

During her spare time, Freers said she likes to explore her love of outdoor activities with her husband.

I love to get away and explore new places. I especially enjoy being immersed in nature.”

Out of all of Freers’ years of teaching, she has spent ten dedicated years teaching at Rancho.

“My favorite thing about Rancho is the school spirit and caring culture. I was blown away by the wonderful students when I first transferred to Rancho.”

In her classes, Freers maintains an energetic atmosphere with her students allowing them to explore their physical capabilities.

Unfortunately during distance learning, Freers was unable to experience that energy with her students in person.

“I missed being with the students and my colleagues during Distance Learning. It was very hard to be away from the positive energy that comes from being at Rancho.”

But now that we’re back, Freers is excited to explore teaching and physical education with her students once again.

The things that inspire me about teaching now are getting to see the growth and development of the students. I love it when they realize they are capable of more than they thought.