New Titans Series Fails to Deliver

This fall, DC released the long-awaited new season of a fan-beloved series centered around teenage superheroes: Titans. The live-action show was renewed by HBO in August 2021.

The third installment of the Titans series has, so far, left mixed reviews among fans, ranging from adoration to loathing, similar to its previous seasons. 

But season three has received the highest rating among fans on Rotten Tomatoes, with an audience approval of 78 percent. 

In comparison to seasons one and two, season three has improved in production value. The music in episodes two through six effectively brings a sense of intensity to the scenes.

However, as the plot progresses, the music loses its value.

Stunts and actions have improved significantly since season one. The action in season three never failed to be exciting and refreshing and remained the only constant throughout the show. Sometimes, even, the only enjoyable aspect of the season.

This season also takes on more complicated storylines and ideas than its predecessors; however, these complicated aspects are not explored to the fullest, and far too much is taken on than what the show seems to be capable of.

Season three makes it a point to focus more heavily on its characters and their development, and though this aspect of the third season is captivating, it falls flat as the development of each character is either rushed through or pushed aside for the plot. 

In a review, Rotten Tomatoes critic Charles Pulliam-Moore said, “Busy as Titans already is with its proper members, pulling that sort of storytelling here might be a challenge that the series isn’t quite yet up to, though.” 

The plot is the most disappointing quality of the show. It’s messy and uncoordinated, but worst of all, rushed. 

The show actually picks up some of the most well-received plot points in DC history and delivers them in new and interesting ways that would work if the writers just took more time to develop these ideas, rather than rushing through them.

Too much is going on at once, and no character or storyline actually gets the time that it needs. 

The viewer only gets fight scene after fight scene and then told the plot instead of seeing the plot, and this ends in either dissatisfaction or confusion.

Worst of all, the show goes out of its way to destroy the character of the Red Hood, or Jason Todd. Despite Todd being essentially the center of season three, his story is rushed through and later on becomes mostly irrelevant to everything else going on.

The show skips over the most interesting aspects of Todd’s story. By rushing through his past and all that it details just to “uncover” the identity of the Red Hood within the very first episode the show throws away a free storyline that works.

The show tries all too hard to stray away from the comic book to deceive expectations from their views. However, the way they go about this still relies heavily on the original story but displays it poorly.

The way Titans season three is presented is sloppy and unmotivated. It is not worth the time invested in watching and completing.