Favorite Holiday Movies

The time to get into that holiday spirit is approaching. During the holidays we decorate around our homes, vacation in cabins, and even take awkward family holiday pictures. The most notable holiday activity that gets you into that holiday spirit is watching holiday-themed movies. Everyone has a favorite holiday movie that they love to watch, whether it be  Home Alone, The Grinch, or Elf. Here are what students like to watch during their holiday time:


“My favorite Christmas movie is Home Alone….. it’s just hilarious I love that movie.” (Josiah Pierce)


“Home Alone because its a funny and classic movie.” (Tina Ngyuen)


“Charlie Brown Christmas…. It’s really cute the animation is cute and I love the story behind it.” (Kyra Mendoza)


“The Grinch because I can relate to him and it teaches a lot of good lessons.” (Galileo Trocio)


“Home Alone…. It has a child and two men that get bullied.” (Ashton Lao)