Kwabena Banahene Student Spotlight

Kwabena Banahenes photo is taken during a basketball game.

Photo courtesy of Kwabena Banahene

Kwabena Banahene’s photo is taken during a basketball game.

Kwabena Banahene, also known as KB, is a six-foot, seven-inch tall senior at Rancho Cucamonga High School who plays center position for the RCHS varsity basketball team. As well as playing for our school team, he also plays any position for a local club called Elevate. 

Banahene said he started playing basketball when he was in eighth grade. “I just wanted to try it out,” said Banahene. 

“I enjoy basketball. It makes me escape the real world. It’s basically my happy place,” said Banahene. “I can always have fun playing alone or with a group of people.

After high school, Banahene said he would like to attend Cal Poly Pomona for computer engineering. As of right now, Banahene would like to play basketball in college. His favorite school subject currently is forensic science. 

Not only does Banahene play basketball, he also runs track in the spring at RCHS. His favorite event is high jumps. 

Outside of sports, Banahene enjoys playing video games, such as 2k, with his friends.

 Banahene said his biggest inspirations are his siblings. “My older siblings partook in sports during their high school years and into their college years. Every time I feel like giving up, they pick me up and push me to do better,” said Banahene.