RCHS Red Cross’ Vaccinate a Village Event

RCHS Red Cross Vaccinate a Village donation pin

Photo courtesy: sophomore Lana Wong

RCHS Red Cross Vaccinate a Village donation pin

RCHS’ Red Cross club set up the fundraiser event called Vaccinate a Village. This October up until the 29th, the club is accepting donations to provide vaccinations to those who need Measles and Rubella vaccines. The goal of the fundraiser is to raise money in order for these vaccines to be sent out to families, schools, and villages.

“Providing these vaccinations aids people truly in need of vaccinations. Moreover, vaccinations help lessen the spread of these diseases and keeps the community safe,” said senior Tina Nyguen, who is co-event coordinator for the club.

According to the club, $1 vaccinates a child, $5 vaccinates a family, and $10 vaccinates a whole classroom.

Students can donate to the student store, in person, or online under the clubs section. Students can also donate to Ms. Coon’s room which is H202 where there will be a red donation box.

“Students of RCHS should donate because they would be providing vaccinations to families that don’t have the opportunity to schedule vaccinations themselves,” said Nyguen.

Lastly, every donation comes with a Red Cross pin and community service hours.