You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown

The school musical, “You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown” marked the first theatre production back on stage in the auditorium in 18 months. Taking place from Wednesday, Sept. 22 to Saturday, Sept. 25, the peanut gang was back, despite all the challenges of the previous year, to sing and dance and share the story of school crushes, exams, and of course a highly intelligent, sarcastic dog. 

Tickets for this event were twelve dollars and children five-years-old and under were free.

This production of “You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown” according to senior technical director Montana Leyva was for the first time, “basically a senior production; especially lead by Nathan Camacho (Schroeder), Sofia Benigno (music director), Mallory Snyder (Lucy), and myself.” 

Leyva said, “We all took a step up and directed specific elements of the show. Squires basically provided the money we needed to form a production such as this and everything from blocking, choreography, and sets were done by the students.”

In fact this is one show with the most seniors in the cast ever. There is one sophomore and a couple juniors helping backstage. Other than that, there were twelve seniors total in the production. 

Leyva said because the size of the cast is so small, “everyone is super close, the chemistry is crazy, and I think that that dynamic translates onto the stage.”

When practicing and performing, all students involved in the production abided by covid protocols. When singing, actors had to stay six feet apart. But, when acting and dancing, the actors were allowed to be closer and engage amongst one another more. 

Right before opening night, a last minute decision influenced the change in masks. According to Leyva, the actors originally practiced with clear face masks to allow audiences to be able to see facial expressions better, but changed to generic black disposable masks to go with a more safer route. 

“It was so nice to be able to step into the lights after this quarantine specifically and start pursuing my passion again,” said senior Sarah Fountain, who played the role of Sally Brown. “On top of being able to do this alongside my best friends is just the added plus.”