Dress Code

The dress code has been in place for many years, supposably to create a sense of what is and what is not appropriate to wear to school. At least, that’s what school’s say the dress code is for. 

My question is this: why is the dress code so strict on the female body and not the male body?

Some highlights from the Chaffey Joint Union High School dress code include the following::

  • Clothing that is revealing or disruptive is not allowed
  • Overly tight clothing, such as leggings/yoga pants that stretch to the point of being see-through are not allowed
  • No revealing torn jeans, bare midriffs, backless outfits
  • No plunging necklines/backlines, tube/Bandeau tops
  • No short hemlines/shorts (must cover posterior)
  • No see-through/sheer attire
  • Beachwear is not permitted
  • Undergarments may not be displayed
  • Costume pajamas are not allowed
  • Shoes must be worn at all times
  • Steel-toed shoes are not allowed

This is all because our education is important. If our education was that important to our schools, why does the dresscode adversely affect the female student population?

Why are the majority of the rules targeted toward the female student?

Why is it that females are held in the office during instructional time and then return late to their classes because someone decided their shirts are showing off too much skin? 

Why is it that on a 95 degree day, our female students have to carry around a jacket just in case we are told our shirt is distracting our peers?

Schools have created this catalog of clothes we aren’t allowed to wear based on this profound point of view. 

Here are some questions I have about the dress code, particularly in regards to the female body.

  1. Who gets to decide if my clothes are distracting?
  2. Who decided these clothing items that are already forbidden by the dress code, should be forbidden?
  3. Why is the dress code clearly stricter on women than men?
  4. Is the intention of the dress code to sexualize the female body?

The dress code is entirely sexist, if you really pay attention. 

The idea of policing the way females dress more than the way males dress is aggravating. 

According to the Daily American news site, Females should be able to express themselves without being objectified or treated differently than the males. For female students, the dress code is often taken personally as there aren’t nearly as many regulations for the male students.” 

Teaching young women that what they’re wearing will show people the level of respect they deserve is damaging. 

The tank tops high school girls wear should not affect their education. 

The crop tops high school girls wear do not give her teacher or peers the right to make comments about her body.

If women have strict dress codes, so should men. The “it’s for the safety and education of our students” is just an excuse to cover up the overt and outdated practice of sexualizing the female body.