Seniors celebrate the Class of 2022 at Senior Sunrise


Benjamin Lightfoot

Senior Sunrise

Senior Sunrise on August 27, kicked off the beginning of the class of 2022’s final year of high school with morning festivities, performances, and food.

Senior Sunrise took place in the football stadium with student performances and breakfast. From performances of piano, singing, dancing, and a live band, it was a great way for the seniors to finally feel like they are seniors.

Senior Alexandra Rose Mirman, who played a keyboard rendition of “You’ve Got a Friend In Me” from the Toy Story movies said she, “found out about the audition process through the ASB instagram and played for people after school.”  

Mirman said she also loved being able to perform in person after the time off of in person activities, and finally got to share her art through something different than online Zoom recitals.

Senior Class President, Veonn McCarlen, who along with the help of others, planned the event, said, “It was very relieving and more special the fact that we were able to have and plan this event after the current time. I’m really glad with the overall outcome and think that a lot of people enjoyed it.

Another feature performer in the celebration was singer and dancer Gabriel Sanchez. Sanchez is a member of the chamber singers and varsity dance. 

When asked if performing not only in the morning but twice as a singer and dancer was hard to get through, he said, “being really honest it was a bit nerve wracking. Something I struggle with is remembering things and the difficult part for me was making sure I did both to my fullest capabilities.”

In his singing set, he asked the crowd if they could close their eyes and envision themselves walking into the school as a freshman. Giving the crowd a laugh and a bittersweet feeling where they could realize how much they’ve grown over the years. 

So in the long run, despite the schedule of his performances, Sanchez said he had no regrets and he was happy he was able to show off his artistic qualities at the event.

The overall event was a success and a great way for the senior class to feel like they were a part of all the senior activities that the previous seniors were unfortunately not able to participate in. 

It was a little bit different, but an event nonetheless to celebrate how far this senior class has come and what they have next for the future. The Senior Sunrise was one of the first events of the year after returning from virtual learning and a hybrid schedule.