ASB & Student Achievement Advisers

ASB advisor Mrs. Duncan

Ashlei Gruender

ASB advisor Mrs. Duncan

ASB and Student Achievement have always played a vital role on the Rancho Cucamonga High School campus. This year, the school welcomes Ms. Alexis Duncan, Mr. Kyle Wallace, and Ms. Tiffini Ewing as the new ASB and SA Advisors. 

ASB has always been crucial to the RCHS campus culture. From planning events to volunteering, ASB has it covered. Each school year is filled with rallies, dances, football games, freshman activities, etc., all coordinated by our very own student leadership. 

Students should look into joining ASB if they enjoy bringing happiness and fun to others,” said Duncan, the new ASB advisor. “ASB is about service to the student body and providing a safe space for students to interact and bond through joyful events. It’s about putting the positivity of the RCHS community before oneself.”

Not only does ASB contribute significantly to our school activities, but it also aids in developing leadership skills. Each student in ASB can participate in the group efforts of setting up dances and activities. These students have had an opportunity to set an example of kindness, compassion, spirit, and leadership for their fellow classmates.

Student Achievement is all about rewarding faculty and students for the good they have done on campus. They run everything from impact to kindness week, distribute treats for birthdays and AP students, and everything in between. They work to make RCHS the most comforting and accepting school in the community.  

If we can recognize a student or staff member for being wonderful, they’re going to enjoy coming to school and then it’s a ripple effect,” said Ewing, the new Student Achievement Advisor. “One act of recognition or kindness will trigger another and flow through the whole school.

Student Achievement really focuses on motivating students and teachers to work hard and do their part on campus. The more willing you are to celebrate faculty and students for their accomplishments, the more excited, positive, and motivated they will be to do what they have to do.

“You are all amazing,” said Wallace, the Assistant Director of ASB. “I love you. Let’s make it an awesome year, Rancho!!”