Rancho’s Goals for GOAL


This year, Rancho is continuing its Saturday school program GOAL, which stands for get out and learn. The next GOAL is scheduled for Saturday, September 11 at 8:00-9:50 a.m. and 10:05-12:00 p.m.

GOAL is held for the student’s benefit as their opportunity to improve.

“It is an enrichment opportunity where students have the ability to improve their academic performance through test retakes, homework makeup, assignment completion,” said Mr. Jeremy Hansen, the Assistant Principal of Achievement.

GOAL offers a variety of subjects that students could study every Saturday. As a result, students have the ability to raise their grades, work on missing assignments, and get caught up in their classes.

Not only does GOAL help students, but it also benefits the teachers. AP teachers can hold study sessions for their students for AP exams and teachers can have students who were absent make up tests or work. This is another way teachers can help their students outside of the regular instructional period.

This school year, Rancho will hold 19 Saturdays of GOAL. Please check Canvas for future GOAL announcements.