RCHS Welcomes New Administrators


For the 2021-2022 school year, Rancho Cucamonga High School has two new members to its administration team. Mr. Joshua Kirk is serving as the new principal, and Mr. Jose Fuentes is serving as the new assistant principal of discipline.

Formerly the principal at Los Osos High School, Kirk is the second new principal in a row for RCHS. Before transferring to Rancho, he was an administrator at Los Osos for seven years, two as assistant principal and five as principal. According to Kirk, he was offered the chance to transfer to Rancho as the new principal, replacing Mr. Eduardo Zaldivar.

As principal, Kirk is entrusted with overseeing the direction the school takes, both at the administrative level and the student/teacher level.

Kirk was a student in the district, graduating from Ontario High School in 2001. Fuentes was also a student in the district, graduating from RCHS in the 1990s.

Coming back from distance learning, Kirk expressed his excitement about being able to interact with students and staff again. Kirk said, “it’s the best part of my day.” He also mentioned the rumors of Rancho’s legendary rallies, expressing his hope to be a part of future ones and create a memorable experience with the students.

As Kirk is a sports fan, he plans to attend a majority of Rancho’s home sports games. Students should also expect to see Kirk on campus often, bouncing between different classrooms and clubs.

New Assistant Principal
Fuentes is returning to Rancho Cucamonga High School to be the new Assistant Principal of Discipline for the 2021-2022 school year. As Assistant Principal of Discipline, his job is to ensure campus safety, oversee attendance, and help students make better decisions. He is also the summer school principal, so students taking classes over the summer can expect to see him there.

Prior to becoming Assistant Principal of Discipline at Rancho, Fuentes was an administrator for Colony High School and Los Osos High School. He was a teacher for twelve years, four of which were at RCHS. “I’m more than thrilled to be back,” Fuentes said. “It’s like living through nostalgia.”

He noted the differences in technology from now compared to when he attended RCHS. Compared to the massive online platform and individual computers students have today, students in his class only had pagers. He expressed his optimism in the improvement of technology on campus.