Cougar Summer Recap

Reayanna Clophia and her friends at Haven City Market.

Camille Santos

Reayanna Clophia and her friends at Haven City Market.

The fall semester has started for the 2021-2022 school year. Many students have enjoyed their summer and the time off school. Although students may have spent their time differently than others, there were many activities that made summer a lot of fun!

RCHS senior Raeyanna Clophia enjoyed spending time with all of her friends this summer. She likes to spend time with her friends playing basketball in practice and in games. Clophia said, “June was pretty dope hanging with my teammates every day for practice and games. Even when we were dead tired, we still had a blast together.” 

Clophia’s highlight of the summer was the family vacation she took. She said, “My favorite part of summer break was in the beginning when my dad came to visit for my mom’s birthday and took us all to Las Vegas.” Clophia was excited for this trip because it came as a nice summer surprise.

RCHS junior Gavin Guerra spent most of his time skateboarding with his friends. When the previous school year had ended, he was able to go out and skate with friends even longer. Guerra said, “I really enjoy summer activities. My ideal summer activity is skateboarding with my friends. I looked forward to not going to school so I could go out longer.” 

Guerra also took advantage of being able to sleep without getting up early for school. He said, “My favorite part of summer break was being able to wake up later and go to sleep whenever I wanted.” 

RCHS senior Ashley Sanchez liked summer activities with friends and family. She loved going to the gym with friends and going to the beach with her family. Sanchez said, “My summer was great. I went to the gym and the beach. I even got really tan.”

Sanchez liked the last few weeks of summer the most because that was when she had done the most activities she could. She said “It was fun, but especially the last couple of weeks because I got to hang out with my friends and go on picnics a lot.” 

RCHS students enjoyed summer and took the time to relax and have fun. There were many fun things to do with friends and family.

This summer may have been different because of the pandemic, but RCHS’ cougars still made it count.