New RCHS Principal: Mr. Kirk

Nimrah Khan, Staff Reporter

As of the early summer of this year, Mr. Joshua Kirk will be the new principal of Rancho Cucamonga High School. 

Previously the principal of Los Osos High School, Mr. Kirk said he “had a range of emotions” when he heard about transitioning to RCHS and that he “was definitely excited about the opportunity to take on a new challenge and lead another school.” He also said “it’s always tough to make the decision to leave a place that you have spent years building relationships and working with great students and staff. Because of that, Los Osos will always have a special place in my heart.” 

Although he spent 7 years of his career at LOHS, Mr. Kirk says that he transitioned to RCHS because he was ready to grow as an administrator. Kirk said, “Every school has its own culture, and that is what drives a school. So when this opportunity came about, I was inspired by the thought of growing and learning how to make an impact in people’s lives in a new environment.”

Mr. Kirk is passionate about “working to positively impact the lives of each student.” In fact, he quotes Frederick Douglass, who said, “it is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men,” which is a value he holds dear as a principal. He said, “it is our job as educators to do all we can to help build strong students in and out of the classroom. When we do this, we can create generational change for students, families, and our communities. I am a living testament of that. Those that helped me as a student resulted in me becoming the first person in my family to further my education by going to college.” 

Not only did Mr. Kirk’s own educators allow him to be the first in his family to go to college, but he also ended up inspiring the rest of his family to further their education. He hopes to have the same impact on students, not just in academics, but in life. His initial plan is to “build trust and establish positive relationships with our students and staff.” He continues, saying “I want to get to know the school community I am serving and I feel it’s also important for them to know who I am as well.”

Moreover, in response to moving forward from the COVID-19 pandemic, Mr. Kirk says “we will need to identify what the needs are of our students (academically, socially, emotionally etc.) and then implement strategies that meet students where they are. These last twelve months have taken a toll on all of us while creating hardships that none of us have seen at this level.  For that reason, we have to think differently to meet the needs of these different challenges.” 

On a final note, Mr. Kirk would like students to know that he would like “to know students by name, know their stories and dreams, and work to help those dreams become a reality.  I want kids to know that I am very approachable and that they will see me all over the campus. I want kids to be excited to come to school and I want them to feel welcome, seen and supported. Lastly, I want kids to know that I am honored to become their next principal and I am very excited to meet them!”

As Mr. Kirk transitions from LOHS to RCHS, he says “I will begin to split my time at RCHS and LOHS in order to get up to speed with the campus and staff.” Soon, “after our current seniors graduate, big shout out to the Class of 2021 by the way, I will permanently be at Rancho working as the principal.” Mr. Kirk will be officially named the RCHS principal in the summer.