Eco-friendly Shopping

Amelia Mora, Staff Reporter

Did you know that shopping can not only be fun but also help save the environment too? More and more companies are investing in eco-friendly products, which allows customers to help save the planet while being on-trend. 

Eco-friendly products are not only available online but in small boutiques everywhere. This means you can support not only the environment but can also support small businesses from the comfort of your own home.

Ana Luisa Jewelry is a company that sells sustainable jewelry made of recycled materials. Their designs are simple yet elegant on a budget that will last you a lifetime. They have every style and shape of jewelry that you can imagine. They release their collections in limited-run small batches each Friday to ensure the highest production standards and eliminate excess waste. On their website, they even have a gift guide so you can buy a loved one a little something too. Ana Luisa Jewelry also has a 365-day warranty. 

Their goal is to enjoy and celebrate the beauty of the earth without leaving a trace. 

It’s not just jewelry companies supporting our environment, clothing manufacturers are doing it too. Organic Basics is an online store that has sustainable clothing. They have everything you need, like basics and activewear. Organic Basics or OB only choose fabrics that care for our environment and design with simplicity and function in mind. They have men’s and women’s clothing, gift guides, and “save with packs” which saves you 20% by getting both a shirt and pants in one package. You can get easy 30 day returns, free US shipping for orders over $150, and your first order ships when you sign up for their newsletter. 

Their website even has Organic Basic Funds which gives you links to different organizations that help the planet as well. 

Another company doing their part is Plastic Free Pursuit, which is an online store for all things zero waste. They offer everyday single-use items that are better for the environment. All of their products are packaged and shipped 100% plastic-free every time. On their website, it states, ‘‘Our products will never contain anything toxic, harmful, or wasteful. All of our products are good for you and even better for mama earth!” Plastic Free Pursuit operates and ships from Minnesota, USA. They sell home goods, health and beauty, and bags at a reasonable price. They even have goodies for your pets! You can get free standard shipping with orders over $75 and you can use Afterpay. 

Even the smallest stores are doing their part, Philbury is an online store that sells only 15 products! Philbury is a sustainable, eco-friendly, and cruelty-free store that sells cleaning supplies and products. Everything is vegan and reduces single-use of plastic to save our ocean. All of their packaging and products are zero or low waste while adding a unique and aesthetic touch. They have every cleaning supply you can imagine! In their shop, they even do bundles of cleaning supplies to save more money, like getting The Clean Collection for $75. A favorite is you can buy refills and the containers separately so you don’t have to throw away the product when you’re finished instead, you can just reuse them. All of their containers and products are spotless looking and authentic. 

There are so many stores that are eco-friendly, cruelty-free, and plastic-free! Shopping for eco-friendly products is another way to clean the planet while helping small businesses. Especially during this time where Earth needs help most, it’s time to recycle and do good for our planet.