Rancho Students’ Summer Break Plans

Alexis Fabela, Staff Reporter

Summer break allows students a chance to relax and experience unique opportunities to learn and develop new social skills. The break also lets students get ready and prepare for the next school year to come. Students are usually out of school for two months or so depending on what school students are attending. 

According to MentalFloss.com, summer break originated in the 19th Century so students could help their parents in their fields and farms. Before the Civil War, students never took a break from school during the summer.

Now that the school year is coming to an end, let’s find out what Rancho students have planned for their summer break.

Sophomore Isabella Hernadez said, “For summer break, my aunt is getting a pool built so…me and my cousins can go swimming. My cousin might go camping so I might just tag along with them. Some of the activities we like to do are talk around the fire, play games, and hike. I was also thinking about getting a job this summer so I can have that work experience. I might apply to Target or Starbucks. This summer break I just hope to go out more and try new things.”

Junior Nareli Nanet said, “I mostly just want to hang out with my friends and family since I finally got fully vaccinated. I want to go to the beach and Knotts when it opens. I’m also going to some of my family’s birthday and graduation parties.”

Sophomore Mariah Williams said, “I’m going to Las Vegas to see my family, spend a lot of time with my best friends, and I’m definitely going to sleep.”

Summer break is definitely one of the longest breaks of the year. Summer is the time to relax and meet new people.