Valentine’s Day in a Pandemic


Nathan Camacho and his girlfriend Sarah Fountain on Valentine’s Day

Luca Castaneda, Staff Reporter

Many RCHS students look forward to Valentine’s Day this year, whether that be to spend time with their significant other, friends, family, or themselves. However, Valentine’s Day 2021 differed greatly from the preceding years due to the current pandemic, which made students create some new and innovative ideas to stay safe from COVID-19.


Many students had some precautions in mind for going out into public areas where there is a higher risk of being exposed to COVID-19. 


RCHS Junior Eunice Park said, “If you want to go out, wearing a mask and carrying hand sanitizer is a necessity.” 


Park continued to share her advice for staying safe during the festive holiday. She said,, “It would still be safer to hang out at someone’s house.” 


RCHS Junior Roman Navarrette believes all precautions are necessary to get out. Navarrette said, “I think it is okay to celebrate Valentine’s Day, as long as you distance yourself and it is safe to go outside.”


Senior Malika Amanovap, she planned to stay home to be safe and distant. Amanovap said, “I won’t be going out anywhere because it will be very crowded outside, which is dangerous for many people.”


Since many outings are restricted, some students have thought of creative ideas to spend time with others, including distanced activities. 


RCHS Junior Nathan Camacho shared his idea for staying safe while celebrating Valentine’s Day with his loved ones. He said,, “I will either make a date over skype with my girlfriend or we will socially distance and watch a romantic movie on the lawn of her house.” 


Amanovap has distanced plans as well. Amanovap said, “My plan for Valentine’s Day is to spend time facetiming with my boyfriend, and make cookies while on the call.” 


Some students at RCHS preferred spending time with friends for Valentine’s Day. 


RCHS Junior Tina Nguyen said, “I plan to give valentine gifts to my closest friends and then have a zoom party after that.” Nguyen made plans to ensure she and her friends stay safe this year. “If you plan to go out with friends, try to do a minimal contact activity or celebrate virtually,” said Nguyen.


With the coronavirus affecting Valentine’s Day,  some students had different feelings on the subject. 


Camacho said, “I feel it is an opportunity to get more creative this year for that person or people you love.” 


At the same time, Amanovap focused on the importance of staying safe. She said, “I feel a little sad that I won’t be able to spend time with my loved one, but that is okay! That’s life! Covid or not, staying strong and healthy is number one.”


Although the pandemic is still ongoing, it does not mean Valentine’s Day was cancelled.