RCHS Student’s Morning Routines for Online School


Picture Credit: Pexels

Alexis Fabela, Staff Reporter

Morning routines are daily tasks that you try to do the second you wake up. People have different routines and some people have very similar routines. Routines can help prioritize your mental and physical health throughout the rest of your day. Once you start your morning, it will get easier to wake up, and you’ll look forward to waking up. It’s also good to have your own checklist, so when you’re done you can just check it off your list.


Physically going to school and distance learning are two totally different things. When students physically went to school, their morning routines were different than when they were doing online school. During online school, morning routines are a little easier than physical school because you don’t have to get fully ready to do online school.


Here are some Rancho Cucamonga High School students’ morning routines for online school.


Junior Brianna Adale said, “My morning routine for online school is so different from physically going. Every morning I start with a dance workout now to get my day going on a good note, I then get dressed, eat breakfast and hop on zoom with a smile and get ready to interact with the teachers to make them feel special. After online school, I hang with my family, and a few days a week my cousin comes over and we do fun things like learning how to do makeup, practicing cheer moves, and keeping each other social. Physically being in person you take for granted the little things we had like the (hellos or goodbyes) from friends and teachers walking down the halls. Today I would most definitely do anything to have an in-person interaction without any worries about catching a dangerous disease. I will say online schooling does have its ups, like being able to wake up at home and seeing my family every morning, being able to connect with my friends on FaceTime, and growing my faith step by step with God.”


Sophomore Paul Masilang said, “My online school morning routine consists of the ordinary habit, such as brushing my teeth, fixing my hair, the usual! One way I would say it differs, though, is that it’s less grueling; the lack of having to physically prepare for a new school day makes me generally more energized.”


Junior Megan Allicia said, “My morning routine consists of waking up at 7:30 am, washing my face, brushing my teeth, combing my hair, then changing into something comfy. Afterward, I make sure I feed all my pets before me and eat something really quick like cereal or toast. It is most definitely different from going to school in person because I had way more motivation and a different time schedule. I’d usually get up at around 6:00 am to get fully ready and dressed up. I also had to get my equipment ready before that day. Also, I would always love to go to Starbucks and see my friends a little earlier before school starts. Definitely missing the feel of an early start, hanging out with friends, and the excitement with it every day.”


Junior Alejandro Torres said, “My morning routine consists of daily stuff like brushing my teeth, waking up early to workout, showering, and making myself breakfast before I start school. It’s different from when I physically go to school in a way that I don’t really have time to workout and usually skip out on breakfast due to having to get to school so early.”


Overall, having a morning routine seems to help students and people in general get their days started and ready to go.