What did Rancho Students get for Christmas?


Madison McMurray, Editor

This past Christmas gave people joy, especially when the year had some very low lows. Here are some of the top favorite presents our seniors at Rancho Cucamonga High School received.


Sydney Bach’s favorite present was a dainty jewelry bracelet she received from her mother. It was her favorite because it shows her love and appreciation for me. Bach said, “I am extremely grateful to have received this bracelet, and I wear it every day and consider it a good luck charm. Overall, this bracelet is very sentimental and holds a lot of meaning to me.”


Chloe Ann Callang’s favorite present was a pinky promise necklace with her name engraved on the back. She received the necklace from her aunt. Callang did not want to receive anything big or expensive. Callang said, “this necklace holds a lot of significance for me because all of my sisters and cousins have got one as well. So, it is like we are all holding a promise with each other.”


McKenzy Jones’s favorite present was an attachment for a hoverboard that allows her to sit on it and ride around. Jones received this gift from her parents. She said, “it is my favorite gift because everyone in my family can use it, which is fun and allows us to have a fun bonding experience.”


Angelina Saba’s favorite present was a jacket she received from her father. It was her favorite because of how comfortable it was. More importantly, she said, “it was my favorite because the company that made it uses its money to preserve wildlife and protect nature, which is important to me.”


Tiffany Wanner’s favorite present was plushies that represented different decades of Disney history. She received this gift from her parents. Wanner said, “it was my favorite because I have a huge obsession with Disney so, it meant a lot to me.”


Last year,  students had difficulty adapting to the restrictions brought on by COVID-19, but many RCHS students still celebrated Christmas as normally as possible.