Kingsball 2021


2021 Kingsball Court

Ryoko Mukai, Staff Reporter

Kingsball is an ongoing tradition at Rancho Cucamonga High School; it is a student-planned event and gives recognition to the nominated senior boys. This year, with some modifications, RCHS was able to crown Vincent Tang as the 2021 Kingsball King. It had to be done differently than this year’s Homecoming due to different restrictions now in place.


While maintaining social distance and wearing masks, Rancho crowned its princes on January 29, 2021. The nominated princes were surprised at their homes. 


There are six students on Kingsball Court this year: Vincent Tang, who had been involved in tennis and CSF in previous years. Landon Toll, who is ASB treasurer, is also on the football team and a member of the Rancho Cucamonga Fire Explorer Program. Trevor Chadwick is involved in ASB, dodgeball club, and the Varsity Dive team. Jasan Ochoa, who is a part of the football team and Black Student Union. Ian Kennedy, who has been working this year, and Nicholas Sanchez, who is involved in SA, the baseball team, Choc walk, and ICC. 


Voting took place during lunch on February 5, 2021.


“This gives value for students, while also letting us know that quarantine won’t stop the school from doing events. School events may be equally as important as your grades, and that’s why we should still have Kingsball,” Tang said.


Izzy Mendiola, ASB Director of Campus Events, said it was a challenge to plan Kingsball. “This Kingsball was very hard to plan for because we had so many restrictions, even more than what we had for Homecoming, so it was challenging to find a way to make it special for court,” Mendiola said. “We were just glad that we were still able to give the court a basket of treats and their crowns and signs.”


The effort paid off, as the princes recounted their experiences and feelings about this experience. 


Chadwick said, “It’s a good way to try and keep the school in spirit because the seniors have already missed out on a lot of events.” 


Tang said, “I was happy because they were all energetic, and that energy they were giving off made me smile and happy inside.” 


Nominations were different this year, but the princes still were honored to be a part of the court decided by their peers.


Toll said, “Being nominated was truly such a blessing, having the opportunity that my peers chose and that they wanted me on court made me extremely grateful and appreciated.”  


Kennedy said, “Getting nominated was very exciting and I was very surprised when they showed up at my house with a basket and sign. it was very fun!” 


Sanchez said, “Finding out I was nominated was definitely something I’ll remember forever” “Seeing them come to my door with everything really was an honor.” 


Under normal circumstances, the court would participate in lunch-time activities and other events. However, ASB hosted a virtual spirit week via Twitter and Instagram. The court bonded virtually during their week. 


“I was just happy to be on court with all my homies,” Chadwick said. “Being a part of court was an awesome experience, even though it wasn’t ideal, we made the best out of it.”  


Ochoa said, “I enjoyed being a part of the court. It was a cool experience to be a part of something even if we haven’t been in school in a year.” 


The court each had special messages for their fellow students at Rancho. 


Tang said, “I want Rancho Students to know that I appreciate every single person in the school, and I would like to say “doh je” to everyone, which means thank you in Cantonese.” 


Ochoa said, “I would want all Rancho students to know that no matter what the best thing to do is to stay authentic to who you are and be your truest self because it will be appreciated by you and anyone else who is a part of your high school experience.” 


Toll said, “I would love for the students to understand how much they are loved and appreciated by their friends and family and to never feel unappreciated during these trying times . YOU. ARE. LOVED!!”


Kennedy said, “Even though we are in a bad time of life, rancho is still a great school and you’ll find a way to make memories and you’ll meet the best people here.”


Sanchez said, “I want to remind Rancho students not to forget who they are. a lot of the times we get so caught up in what’s going on and we forget to enjoy our time here.” 


Chadwick said, “I want all the students at Rancho to know that i appreciate all of the love from everyone.”


Congratulations to all the nominated princes and our 2021 King Vincent Tang.