What students wish they knew their first Semester


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Ryoko Mukai , Staff Reporter

The year 2020 was filled with new experiences for everyone, with the events being unlike any others, it was all about figuring it out as it went. One of the challenges unique to students was learning through Zoom.


Rancho Cucamonga High School began its second semester of remote instruction in January. Most students are better adjusted to distance learning, so they can now reflect on the transition and new experiences they’ve faced last semester.


Recently, RCHS students shared the advice they would go back and tell their first-semester selves.


Lorin Murray, a senior at RCHS, said, “The workload fluctuates a lot so there was no real adjustment period for an important factor that constantly changes.”


In regards to starting the previous semester, Murray advised herself, “Communicate with your teachers and really manage your time to accommodate for your mental health.”


Krystal Liu, a junior at RCHS, said her biggest challenges were with technology.  “My internet was absolutely horrible for weeks, and it was incredibly hard and annoying to have to figure out what to do.”


Liu said “If I could, I would have told myself to cherish the moments I had with my friends more. During this pandemic it really made me realize how lucky we were and how grateful we should have been.”


Devin Jayadi, a junior at RCHS, took challenging AP courses and his advice to himself was, “I wish I studied more, I didn’t truly realize how intense my AP classes were.”


Teryn Mathias, a sophomore at RCHS, said, “The transition to in person learning to adapting to the many challenges of the beginning of zoom, handling the loads of work, and making a schedule for myself before one was sent out.”


Mathias advises herself that, “No matter the stress, no matter the pain, or the loss of friends, the common stability in your life will be the Lord.”


Students should keep in mind that last semester was new for everyone and they were not alone if they struggled. Let’s finish the school year strong, Rancho!