RCHS Students’ Achieving Their Fashion Styles


Christina Schneider

RCHS students Noor Muhammad, Beckett Xu, and Catherine Han in their fashion styles

Rancho Cucamonga High School’s students have a range of different, unique fashion styles.

Students can achieve their style by first finding out what their style is. There are many factors that can contribute to someone’s style. According to RCHS’ FIDM Fashion Club president, senior Maya Peats, students can find their style through a combination of their culture, community, identity, and personality. Students can also try wearing statement pieces and accessories which can enhance an outfit and make it personal to the person wearing it.

“I encourage the students of RCHS to start finding their style by creating a mood board of their inspirations, favorite clothing pieces, and experiment by shopping at various stores to find out what they like and what is the most flattering,” Peats said. “Of course, it does not have to be entirely figured out, as style changes throughout seasons, ages, and phases, but it is best to have an idea of what you are looking for. While shopping, decide if you love the item in question and can see yourself re-wearing it over and over and never get tired of it.”

As an example for students, sophomore Noor Muhammad would describe her style as soft grunge with lots of color and a little edge.

“I took quite a long time trying to figure out what I liked best. I went through a ton of phases, but I think social media and the exposure to lots of different styles helped me find which one was the right choice for me. I’m honestly still in the process of adjusting my style a little, but being on the lookout for clothes ANYWHERE really helped me put together my current style. I thrift and use depop often, I shop online from small brands because they always sell what I’m looking for, and I also just look for cute pieces to layer and such in places like H&M.” Muhammad said.

Muhammad’s favorite styles are grunge, goth, mall goth, and cyber 2000’s.

“I truly love fashion. It means a lot to me and I think it’s important that we all find our comfort styles because it helps us be our true selves and brings out confidence. I personally feel like a much better version of myself once I started wearing the clothes I felt like myself in, and I would encourage everyone to try different styles and find what makes them feel happy, mainstream or not!” Muhammad said.

Senior Nicho Klink would describe his style as something out there, and something people find cool or inspiring. Klink said he dresses depending on his mood.

“I achieved my style by honestly finding what I like most in the thrift shop. I like making do of what I could find and making something fun out of it. I accessorize by adding gloves, layers, jewelry, or even little nick nacks,” Klink said.

Like Klink, senior Ryan Zarp wants to create his own style that could change how other people dress. Zarp would describe his style as 90’s- early 2000’s grunge.

“I thrift and shop on depop all the time, or I buy merch from small or big artists. And I sometimes make clothing. I usually wear the same three bracelets every day and sometimes switch up my Hard Jewelry chains and pendants to match with my outfits. I love the shears twins and their style, it’s so compulsive and just super unique to me,” Zarp said.

Students can also remember that they can draw inspiration from characters from shows and movies, actors and actresses, artists, or influencers. Senior Ailah Ponla would describe her style as feminine with influences from past eras with her inspiration drawing from actresses Drew Barrymore, Liv Tyler, and Hope Sandoval. She also gets inspiration from people she sees on her Instagram.

“My favorite fashion style is anything that makes me feel confident! I’ve been interested in fashion and thrifting since I was in the 7th grade, my closet is an accumulation of those interests. I love to crochet, knit, and sew. I love to accessorize with dainty jewelry and any bags that I’ve thrifted or made,” Ponla said.

Ponla would also like to try a 60’s avant-garde, artistic style similar to Beth Harmon from the Netflix series, The Queen’s Gambit.

As Peats said previously, students can also draw inspiration from their culture and community. Sophomore Beckett Xu describes his style as a 1900’s high-class British. Xu gets inspired by British history and culture and his favorite fashion style is 1700 French.

“I wear a lot of suits and vests, and sometimes I wear some trench coats. I accessorize with my Emporio Armani watch and gold key brooch. Because I’m from Britain, the culture really inspires me, and I got my suits mostly from a private company which are tailor-made, and others suits I love are from Emporio Armani,” Xu said.

Sophomore Rin Han’s favorite style is lolita, however, they want to get into Hanfu which is a modern interpretation of ancient Chinese clothing. She also dabbles in South Asian streetwear, Harajuku, and academia styles.

“I have several style styles though as for commonality, they are all very modern without much explicit call back to trends or styles in history. They also all root themselves in east Asia in some way. The three looks I try to go for as ordered are: cute, elegant, and cool. I achieved my style basically through the online shopping algorithm as certain ones are really good at predicting what I would like and go down the rabbit hole from there. Few accessories I do use (when the weather isn’t melting me) are berets, garters, collars, leg warmers, and arm warmers,” Han said.

All Rancho students have different fashion styles that can inspire others to find their own style. Whether it’s grunge or lolita, feminine or masculine, 1700’s or 2000’s, all styles are unique and can be made personal to each individual.

“We should be open-minded and remember that our style is our own, and fashion is ultimately meant to make us feel more confident with our identity, rather than satisfy those around us,” Peats said.