Celebrating Earth Day

Sarah Siddiqui, Staff Reporter

Each year on April 22, the world celebrates Earth Day. Earth Day is a day to celebrate environmental movements and raise awareness about climate issues. Observing Earth Day is important because it encourages people to help our planet. 

Earth and Space Science teacher Mrs. Sealy said Earth Day is important because it brings attention to the pressing climate problems we face. Sealy said, “The loss of nature and biodiversity and climate change will bring immense suffering to the human race and the population needs to be made aware of it so we can make the right decisions about stopping it. People also need to understand that environmentalism and Earth Day are not about saving the Earth, it is about saving the people. Humans cannot survive alone on this planet; we need nature to survive.”

Junior Ryan Zarp said, “It’s a reminder that we need to recycle, exploit companies for their unethical practices, and preserve this planet we call home.” Earth Day is one of the most important days to remember how we can help the environment.

Students at Rancho should try to always do what they can to help the environment. They could look into how to be sustainable, composting, and recycling.

Sealy gave seven examples of things students can do to help the environment: 

  1. Educate yourself and others about the situation
  2. Vote for politicians that will support protecting the planet
  3. Vote with your dollar by supporting companies that embrace sustainability and stop buying from companies that are part of the problem
  4. Reduce consumption of meat (not necessarily becoming a vegetarian, but cutting out red meat and just eating a little less meat)
  5. Reduce your consumption of single-use plastics, only 9-12% of plastic is recycled so do not rely on recycling to save the world. We need to stop using so much plastic because it is not just the plastic waste that is a problem, it is all the energy and petroleum used to make the plastic that also causes problems6. Reduce your overall consumption – live simply
  6. Support restoration of habitats and volunteer to help out

Students can also remember that fashion can sometimes negatively affect our environment. 

Junior Mylene Maranan said, “For example, we can shop second hand to create less waste. Other easy to help is to upcycle clothing, buy clothes we plan on wearing many times, donate clothes we no longer wear, and more.” 

An important thing to remember is that fast fashion negatively affects the environment by overproducing clothes with harmful materials. Not only does fast fashion harm the environment, but it also exploits workers.

According to Instagram influencer Cynthia @inspiroue, there are ways to check your clothing for fast fashion. She recommends asking these questions:

  • Do they treat and pay their workers ethically?
  • Do they use sustainable fabrics and materials?
  • Do they use sustainable production methods?
  • Do they produce at a sustainable scale?

Helping the planet should be an everyday event, but remembering the environment on Earth Day helps inspire people to help.